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3 Benefits of a Home Inventory When Buying Home Insurance

home inventory insurance coverageWhen you’re getting ready to buy home insurance, you need to consider what’s in your home. This is when it’s a good idea to conduct a complete home inventory. This is something you could do on your own or hire a company to come and do for you. The benefits are significant and will allow you to get a better policy.

Learn What You Have

Many people go with a basic home insurance policy because they don’t assume that they have anything of value. The problem is that this is often not true. By conducting a home inventory, you learn more about what you have. Go room by room to count everything that’s there – including art, collectibles, and other items.

Establish Values

The values associated with certain items could be higher than you realize. That piece of art that’s been handed down through the generations could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. The collectibles on your bookcase could be worth more than you think, too.

Get the Right Coverage

High value items need to have a special rider. This means you need to go above and beyond a standard home insurance policy. Otherwise, if your home is broken into or there is a natural disaster that leaves your items stolen or damaged, an insurance claim wouldn’t be sufficient.

When you file a claim with insurance, you want to know that everything is covered. A home inventory doesn’t take long and could be an eye-opening experience.

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