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Winter isn’t quite over yet! It’s always best to be prepared.

While Texas weather keeps teasing us that spring is on the way, there’s still quite a bit of winter left before we can really put our guard down and enjoy the upcoming warmth! With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to have the knowledge surrounding your policy and what exactly is covered in the event of a winter storm. In the event of said storm, the following is typically covered by your homeowner’s policy:

Water Damage: Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst, causing water damage. As long as your home has not been left unoccupied and cold, home insurance will usually cover repairs for the broken pipe, your home, and any damage the water caused to your furnishings.

Roof Damage: Homeowner’s insurance typically covers water leaks through your roof and if those leaks cause damage to your home or furnishings. Roof cave-in due to the weight of snow and gutters clogged with ice.

Falling Trees:  If a tree on your property damages your roof, your policy should cover the cost of removing the tree and repairing the damage. Additionally, if neighboring tree falls on your home causing damage, your insurance should pay for damages and reimburse you up to a certain amount the cost of removing the tree.

These are the most common scenarios for insurance claims associated with a winter storm. At Ramey King, we want you to be prepared, no matter the season! Contact us today to learn more about your current policy and to be sure you have the coverage you need.