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What’s Covered in a Standard Homeowners Policy?

Homeowners coverage

For many of us, it’s overwhelming talking about homeowners’ insurance and trying to determine what coverages best fit our needs. If you’ve just bought a home or need to review your current policy, Ramey King Insurance can help. But where do you start?  Let’s  take a few minutes to review the basics of a homeowners’ insurance policy so we can better help you.

A standard homeowners’ insurance policy covers three areas: structure, personal belongings and liability. Below we give you a brief recap of each of these areas. As you review the information, jot down any questions you may have so you can ask us the next time we meet.


A standard homeowners’ policy covers structure, meaning your physical house. It could also cover other detached structures on your land including garages, gazebos, sheds or fences.  How the home’s structure is covered under the policy is one of the most important parts of any homeowners insurance policy.

Personal Belongings

Think of everything you have in your house, including electronics, furniture, appliances, clothes, jewelry, etc. Those are all defined as personal belongings.  You may also want to include any tools or devices stored in your garage or shed (ie. lawn mower, leaf blower, drill, etc.).

If there are some high-valued items such as collectors’ items or jewelry it may be important to purchase some additional coverage.


In a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, liability protects you from lawsuits if you or a family member cause bodily harm or damage to another’s property. Liability also covers you in case someone (other than family) gets injured while on your property. Don’t forget about pets; they too are usually covered under the liability section of your policy.

Summing it all up, structure, personal belongings and liability are all covered under a standard homeowners’ insurance policy. However, the amount of coverage can vary and each policy may differ slightly.

At Ramey King Insurance, we have been protecting North Texas homeowners since 1881.  Our job is to make sure that you and your property are protected from the unexpected.

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