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What to do when an accident occurs?

Not every injury or accident needs to be turned in on your insurance. Sometimes, there are no immediate injuries or the damages may be below a deductible. But does that mean that the event should be ignored or forgotten? Sometimes it does, but many times it makes sense to keep a record of the event along with details and comments from employees that either witnessed the event or were participants. In case the event develops into a larger situation in the future, it is valuable to gather the details before people start to forget specific information that may be helpful. Often times, we will see an incident turn into a lawsuit where the lawsuit is filed many months or years later but within a statute of limitations. A record statement of the event can be very helpful at these times done before the participants memory fades.

Our team at Ramey King is always available to help walk you through the process but gathering information at the time of the accident is key. Listed below are some elements of the event that you would want to gather in the case of an accident. This type of information is helpful for employee injuries; 3rd party injuries or property damage situation.

Involved Parties:

Time & date of accident/incident:

Witnesses & Witness Statements

Brief description of the accident or incident:

Indicate body part affected:

Did the injured employee(s) or injures party see a doctor? ( ) Yes ( ) No

If yes, did you file an employer’s portion of a worker’s

compensation form? ( ) Yes ( ) No

Did the injured person miss work? ( ) Yes ( ) No

If yes, list the date and time injured employee(s) left job(s

Supervisor’s Comments:

What could have been done to prevent this accident/incident?

Have the unsafe conditions been corrected? ( ) Yes ( ) No

If yes, what has been done

Witness signatures


Additional comments/notes:

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