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Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

By January 29, 2016Blog

When a person makes an addition or improvement to their home, many questions cross their mind. First and foremost, what is the cost of the addition and will it add value to my home? These improvements may include storm shelters or safe rooms. Studies have shown that a safe room or storm shelter may increase your home value by as much as 3-5%. The cost of the safe room may be $4,000 – $5,000 although the cost can be higher depending on how elaborate a person desires. But comparing this cost to what may be saved, a human life, the return may be priceless.

The second question is what specifications should be used in building a safe room or a storm shelter. FEMA has recommendations available based on the number of people to include. The measurements range from 5 people at 5 feet wide and 6 feet long to 26 people at 8 feet wide and 20 feet long.

Like all construction projects, a person will need to consider lead-time to build a shelter. These can take two to three weeks and probably longer if a person is adding a safe room within their existing home, which requires renovations. During storm season, this may be even longer. Also storm shelters may be easier to install, as they would be a separate structure from an existing home. A local permit may also be required as this is a renovation or addition to a home.

Storm shelters may require concrete anchoring to avoid floating out of the ground due to saturated soil. This extra protection may be required by state or local authorities.

Roughly comparing what homeowners save or gain with a storm shelter or a safe room verses the costs; most homeowners would agree; it is something that may make great sense.

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