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Staying Safe in Winter

By January 14, 2016Blog, Weather

In Texas, we can often see extreme weather during the winter months. It is important to take precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe. But when the weather overcomes safeguards you take, a good insurance plan is there to back you up. This can serve as a short list of precautions a person should consider in the winter.

At Work or at Home

How will the cold affect your current work or projects? Do you have property or equipment that will be exposed to the elements? For the contractors, do you need to protect or close off any work that could be damaged from extreme cold? Will equipment be exposed to damage? Can this equipment be brought inside or into a protected area? Trust me, it is less expensive to protect these items than it is to replace them or be without them.


Do not minimize the seriousness of frozen or bursting pipes. Water in the wrong place such as carpet or sheet rock is a tremendous mess. Some structures can collapse from weight of ice or snow. Pay attention to your carports and flat roofs, and try to keep the snow or ice from stacking up on these surfaces.


Many of us can remember the excitement of driving as teenagers and letting the tires spin, or power sliding around a turn on wet pavement. While this provides you with some fun in your past, the thought of your family members doing the same with your family vehicles may make your heart skip a beat. This may be time for snow chains or snow tires or even better, not taking the vehicles out at all if possible.


Remind your family & friends to watch their footing wherever they may be going. A little ice goes a long way when it is under your foot. We even lost an employee to a broken wrist years ago when they fell on the way to work on the ice, and insurance is supposed to be a low hazard workplace.


As we already know, wintertime is also the cold & flu season. Provide your family with the necessary elements of hygiene to avoid passing around the various season sicknesses. Many employers provide flu shots for free or reduced rates for employees as well as families.

Hopefully this list will provide some helpful ideas to avoid wintertime headaches. For more details on this subject or your insurance; contact Ramey King Insurance at 800-453-9691 or visit our website at