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Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

slip, trips, and hazards

Insurance for Business Owners: Hazards in the business

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, however there are many things small and large companies can do in order to avoid a slip, trip, or fall hazards at their place of business. If a customer should happen to trip on a rug or slip on a piece of cracked flooring than there are liability issues at stake. Ramey King Insurance is available to answer all questions regarding protection services as they relate to liability circumstances.

Adequate Coverage and Endorsements

A business owner should always be sure that their limits of liability coverage are adequate. Slip, trips, and falls at a commercial property site can lead to expensive medical bills and at times even lawsuits. Ramey King Insurance offers business insurance packages that will make sure a policyholder has all of the coverage they need should an unexpected accident occur. Endorsements are also available that can specifically tailor a policy to fit the needs of the business being insured. 

Endorsements are additions to insurance contracts that change the coverage. They can add liability coverage for specific circumstances,” explains the Insurance Information Institute.

Ways to be More Safe

A business owner can also be pro-active when it comes to avoiding slips, trips, and fall hazards. Cracks to exterior and interior flooring should be repaired immediately. It is important to mark the cracks or uneven walking surfaces with bright paint or a sign, if the area cannot be fixed right away.

The presence of emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs is also beneficial. These types of signage can provide safe egress routes during a time of emergency. Main entrances and secondary means of egress should have these bright signs. These ingress and egress points provide invaluable assistance in the event of a fire or severe weather storm.

For more information regarding business liability endorsements, please contact Ramey King Insurance.