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Protecting Each Part of Your Car this New Year

By January 1, 2013Blog

Many drivers may be concerned about drunk drivers after New Year’s parties, but what about thefts? It is important to protect all aspects of your car so you don’t put yourself and others at risk for accidents or injuries. Having a system in place to protect your valuables and vehicle will help you avoid being a victim of robbery in the future.

In recent news, Houston police robbery detectives have discovered that two men are terrorizing auto parts stores all over the city. They make sure no customers are in each location and then they pose as customers asking for a part. Then one of the suspects pulls out a gun and demands money from the registers. The suspects have hit nine stores since October, but they could be responsible for more than a dozen robberies. For all that is known, the criminals may move from stores to actual vehicles to make money from the parts. Although car theft is on the decline, that doesn’t mean your vehicle is any safer. Be smart about getting protection so you don’t become a target. Here is what you can do to protect your car from theft:

  • Invest in an alarm system and anti-theft devices. This may qualify you for car insurance discounts.
  • Don’t display your security system. This makes it easier for thieves to figure out how to get around it.
  • Never leave a GPS or other electronic device on the seats, dashboard, or other visible areas. Lock them in the trunk or glove compartment.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and never leave it overnight in an area that is not secure.
  • Don’t leave anything valuable in your car, including a purse or wallet, even if you are only gone for a few minutes.
  • Don’t assume crime only happens in commercial or urban areas because they can happen at or near a residence. Never hide a spare key on or near the car because thieves know all the hiding spots.

At Ramey King Insurance, we hope you understand the importance of securing your car both physically and with the right insurance. We pride ourselves on finding affordable auto insurance policies that help protect one of your most important assets. You rely on your vehicle for many things, so don’t let it be exposed to theft this New Year.