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Health Insurance? Should You Use an Agent or a Website?

This is a question that most of the US is being presented with currently by the Affordable Care Act. Of course, the internet is potentially changing how many products and services are being purchased.  But back to the question; should a person purchase their health insurance through the internet or use an agent?  Is it in your best interests to try to purchase your insurance from a computer screen?

A widely held opinion is that a person should consult their insurance agent the same as they would a doctor or a lawyer.  Why not use the expertise and experience of an insurance agent to guide and assist you in the purchase of insurance?

But here are also some areas to consider if a person does want to use the internet for the purchase of insurance.

  1.  The buyer feels comfortable analyzing their own risks and setting their own financial limits and would not need the input of an insurance professional in this decision.
  2.  The buyer wants to deal directly with one insurance company as compared to reviewing many insurance carrier options.
  3.  The buyer understands all the financial ramifications incurred by the direct purchase of their insurance.

But if a buyer does want to use an agent to assist in their insurance purchase, here are more thoughts to using the internet to find their agent.

  1. Use the web to research an agent and the insurance company.  Does the agent have a website and does it reflect the services and expertise needed?
  2. Use the internet to gather the basic questions that the buyer will need to answer when they visit with their agent.
  3. Locate an agent in your trade area or close to you home or office.
  4. Use the internet to request further information for research.

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