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Celebrating the Holidays with Your Tenants

By November 27, 2012Blog

Celebrating the holidays when owning an apartment building can be a tricky thing to do. You want to respect the backgrounds of all your tenants while at the same time including everyone in the festivities. Learning to deal with different perspectives is an important skill to have as a landlord. Therefore, taking the time to think of creative ideas to bring in the holiday season is a great way to show you care about your residents and spread some cheer.

Don’t let the chaos of this season overshadow sharing the holiday spirit with your tenants. Make an effort to include everyone in the events you organize, but don’t make it a requirement for all to attend. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Some charitable causes your apartment building could participate in include Toys 4 Tots, partnering with a local organization and raising donations for families in need, or organizing a mitten & coat fundraiser.
  • Take your tenants on a light show tour. Drive around in a van or bus to view the spectacular decorations, and even serve some goodies!
  • If you have a vacant apartment or spare room in your office, offer your tenants access to this free storage space for their presents. This way, the items remain secure and hidden from the kids!
  • Coordinate a pot luck for your residents. You can also combine this with a recipe contest, where the winners get a prize.

Keep in mind that before the holidays, you should send out a letter reminding your tenants to take down all decorations in a timely fashion. You can also place an order for a dumpster to be delivered so renters can safely dispose of trees, decorations, and additional trash. At Ramey King Insurance, we understand that when you own an apartment building, you have to please many people while also dealing with many potential liabilities. Therefore, not only will these tips bring you peace of mind during the holidays, but so may securing apartment building insurance from us to ensure the overall protection of your investment property.