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Working at Home, Are You Covered?

Combined, the enhancements of the computer age with the traditional aggravation of traffic jams have created a relatively new type of worker for the average worker, the telecommuter. This option is now open to many more office workers than ever before.

One of the least thought about but very important issues is: how does that affect your insurance, or are you covered? Mostly the answer is no. There are some exposures with limited coverage provided by your homeowner’s policy, such as:


Most homeowner’s policies only provide up to $ 2,500 of business use property at the home. It will not usually cover “sales samples.” Actually scheduling a computer system with a computer endorsement can increase this limit. Business use property away from the home is not covered at all. In that case you may need to arrange a commercial property policy.


A homeowner’s policy will provide limited coverage if at all for injury to clients at your home and virtually no coverage for “off premises or product liability.” This can be arranged with a commercial general liability policy.


A personal auto policy is not designed to cover a personal business, but it can and will protect you in the event of an accident. You may end up with some explaining to your insurance company as to the use of your vehicle after the claim. If the vehicle is owned by a business entity, there may be no coverage at all. You will then need a commercial auto policy.

Workers compensation

Your homeowner’s policy will not provide any coverage for you or your employee’s injuries. You will still need to purchase a workers compensation policy.

Health insurance

This is the one coverage that is not tremendously affected by where you work.

The best advice is, when you are setting up your home office you should either arrange for these coverages through your employer, or visit with both your personal lines agents as well as a commercial insurance agent.

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