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Trampolines and your Homeowner’s Insurance

Trampolines are almost a right of childhood. They’re fun, get kids outside, and encourage active play. But before you consider installing one in your home, it’s critical to understand that trampolines might not bode well with your homeowner’s insurance. The reason for this is simple: safety concerns. Continue reading below to learn more about the risks associated with these play items.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover trampolines?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a trampoline or if you already have one, carefully review your policy to learn of any terms and conditions regarding coverage for any trampoline-related incidents. Coverage for trampolines may vary from state to state, so it’s important to review your policy or contact your agent for further information.

No exclusions: This means that a homeowner’s insurance policy does not place any restrictions on trampoline ownership or usage. As an example, if someone is injured on your trampoline, your policy might help cover their medical bills if you’re find liable.

Coverage with safety precautions: A homeowner’s insurance policy may provide coverage (up to the limits and terms of your policy) for a trampoline, assuming safety precautions are in place. These may include a net enclosure around the trampoline or a fenced-in yard. Be sure to read your policy to learn about what requirements may be in place.

Trampoline Exclusion: If trampolines are excluded from your homeowner’s insurance coverage, your policy would not provide protection from trampoline incidents. Sometimes, adding a trampoline to your property may not allow you to renew your homeowner’s insurance policy.

While fun, we urge you to seek caution when adding these to your homes. Ensuring your homeowners policy allows them is the first step. Any questions you might have regarding this coverage can be answered by a Ramey King agent. Contact us today for more information!