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Tips for Your Employees on Yard Work Safety

As a landscaper, you know you work with a variety of elements on the job. From picky clients to dangerous equipment to bad weather, it is important to be prepared for any risk factor. Your livelihood depends on it. Therefore, making sure your employees are trained in safety when it comes to yard work is important to your business and their well being.

Every season, Texas residents seek to beautify their yard, and typically need the help of a professional. This is where your landscaping company comes in. You want to show your clients that your business is up to date on safety practices and understands what needs to be done in a particular project. Before embarking on your next yard, have your team be aware of these hazards associated with yard work:

  • Make sure each worker has the proper wardrobe when performing tasks in a yard. Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry that could be caught in moving parts of lawn equipment. Wear slip-resistant shoes, especially if the yard is hilly. Eye protection is important as well, depending on what the chore is.
  • Before mowing, pick up any objects such as sticks, glass, or metal that could become a projectile. Also make sure electrical tools such as trimmers are unplugged before making any adjustments.
  • All equipment should function properly and all electrical cords should be in good condition. Safety features should also be switched on when equipment is not in use.
  • When the weather is warm, make sure employees do not overexert themselves while doing yard work. This could cause heart problems or other medical conditions. It is also important to stay hydrated during extremely warm weather to avoid heat exhaustion.

As you know, landscaping is unpredictable. At Ramey King Insurance, we hope these tips help you keep everyone on the job safe from accidents and injuries. If you fear your business is exposed to more risks, then you can tailor a landscaper’s insurance policy with our help. This plan works to protect you and your crew from general liability issues, commercial liability issues, vehicle and equipment malfunction or damage, and more. We can help give you the security you need, at a price you can afford.