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The importance of Landlord Insurance…especially in a college town


Do you own property? Do you lease it out to tenants? Have you heard of Landlord or Rental Dwelling Insurance? If not, read on below to learn more about this important coverage.

If you own rental property, dependable coverage is crucial to maintaining your property. With Landlord Insurance, you’re prepared for major issues that threaten the property you own and your financial assets. In order to quality for Landlord Insurance, owners must meet the following:

  • Well-maintained, one-to-four family unit dwellings (including their structures) occupied by tenants only or:
    • Row homes
    • Condominium or co-op units
    • Manufactured/Mobile Homes
    • Detached structures
  • Continuous insurance coverage for the past three years

It is important to have a good working history with your standard homeowner’s insurance to quality for Landlord Insurance. This insurance can include coverage for vandalism or options such as theft of the landlord’s property onsite, sewer and drain backup, and even coverage for tenant relocation and additional living expenses in the event a covered loss results in tenants needing to find alternative housing.

Rent is a source of revenue for landlord clients—and this protection is important to safeguard against varied losses. At Ramey King, we’d love the opportunity to sit down and discuss ways in which to help you protect your property. Contact us today with any questions!