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The Benefits of Combining Home & Auto Insurance

Most insurance companies do not sell one type of insurance. If you go to an insurance company for a car insurance policy, there is a strong chance they will try and encourage you to bundle it with a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Many major insurance companies offer home and auto insurance bundles which contain quite a bit of perks, discounts and unique coverage opportunities when bundled together. This usually saves you time, money, and the hassle of figuring out which company is insuring what.

More often than not, a good homeowners and auto insurance bundle will ideally save you more money than if you purchased two separate policies from two different companies. Here are some perks to bundling the two:

  • It saves you money
    • Also called a multi-policy or companion discount, bundling can save upwards of 15-20% on their insurance premiums
  • Unique Product Tiers
    • You can incorporate additional coverage, such as boat, RV, rental property, etc. within these bundles
  • You have a high-risk home
    • If your home is in a location that experiences frequent storms, wildfires, or crime, you have a stronger chance of staying insured if you hold all your policies through one company

The option to bundle your home and auto insurance policies is usually quite simple. Your insurance agent will ask if you would like to insure any other type of property or vehicle. Agents at Ramey King Insurance will then cross-reference your information to all our insurance companies to find you the best rate possible with the best coverage.

If you would like to learn more about bundling your home and auto insurance, please contact our Personal Lines department today at 940-382-9691!