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Recovering from Tornado Damages

We found this blog in our archives and thought we would share. Many Texas residents have been impacted will continue to be a resource during these times of need. Homeowners continue to feel the effects of tornadoes and damaging weather months after. We have been helping our clients recover for over 100 years and ensure our customers will have access to the tools that will help them repair more easily in the aftermath.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Although the most recent tornado occurred six months ago, many homeowners are still feeling the damaging effects. Are you one of those residents? You work hard to protect your family in every way possible, but there are times when you just can’t, particularly during natural disasters. However, with the right preparations, you can repair more easily in the aftermath.

North Texas homes have experienced severe devastation this year. Seventeen twisters struck the area and destroyed nearly 350 residences. The strongest of them all was an EF3, producing 150 mile per hour winds. Yet, the disaster is not holding people back from moving forward. In Lancaster, one of the hardest hit areas, there are many stories of recovery and rebuilding after the April 3rd tornadoes.

For the past six months, many community members have lived in shelters, nursing facilities, hotels, and other buildings other than a place to call their own. It can be difficult to get back to normal life when you have nowhere to feel comfortable and safe. But finally, after much repair and restoration, residents are beginning to move into brand new houses. With this restored hope, many are able to call their property a home.

Now that you have gotten the interior of your home situated, you may start to think about cleaning up your front yard. As a homeowner, you want everyone to feel welcome into your home. This starts with the exterior, and a disaster ridden yard is far from inviting. Therefore, as you begin to rebuild the area, you may require the help of a landscaper. Be careful when finding references and if you decide to hire someone, they should have landscapers insurance. This indicates that they are qualified for the job and will be dedicated to helping you renew your home and life.

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