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Personal Insurance: What about Fire?

Family after fireHomeowners often go to great lengths in order to keep their home and property safe. Many dwellings have smoke detectors to alert occupants of a fire. While smoke detectors are wonderful and definitely a necessity, there are also other steps that should be taken to keep a home protected from potential fire hazards.

Maintenance and Upkeep

A homeowner must do more than simply install smoke detectors within his or her home. The owner must make sure that the batteries are being tested on a semi-annual basis. One of the most common tips is to replace the smoke detector batteries when the time changes in the fall and spring.  But homeowners should also make sure to replace smoke detectors when they have gotten too old to work properly. Typically, detectors that are 10-15 years old need to be replaced. According to Consumer Reports, “The life expectancy of smoke alarms is generally 10 years, after which point their sensors can begin to lose sensitivity. The test button only confirms that the battery, electronics, and alert system are working; it doesn’t mean that the smoke sensor is working.

Adequate maintenance of smoke detectors will go a long way in keeping a household safe and also minimizing damage from smoke and flames. The presence of hard-wired smoke detectors or battery-operated units may also earn policy holders special discounts on their personal insurance policies.

Fire Extinguishers

Keeping a small handheld fire extinguisher in the home is another good safety precaution. Many homeowners will have one located under the kitchen sink or near the stove. Having an extinguisher on each level of a dwelling is a good idea. It is also important to regularly check the pressure gauge for adequacy and pay attention to the fire extinguisher’s expiration date. Past due extinguishers should be properly discarded and replaced with newer ones.

Is your home adequately insured? Do you have high enough limits of coverage for all of your personal property? Fire damage in the home can be devastating and costly to repair. Contact us at Ramey King Insurance to make sure you are protected.

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