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New Years Resolutions: Thinking About Insurance

Have you made your 2020 resolutions and goals? If you have, we hope 2020 is a successful year for you!

But bearing in mind your resolution, do any of your goals result in a change of insurance needs? Below, we’ve included some questions you might consider as we embark on a new year.

  • Any new properties or homes? Find out what the premium estimates are for these additions before you make a change.
  • Will you be adding value or making changes to your home? If making changes/renovations, how does that affect your homeowners insurance?
  • Was your personal vehicle used for work?
  • Check your deductibles or self-funded insurance exposure. Are they too high or too low?
  • Did anything change in your business that will affect your insurance?
  • Have you added or removed any vehicles? Make sure your auto insurance schedule is up to date.
  • Has your situation grown? Do you need a review of your limits of liability? Have you considered an umbrella policy?
  • Have any drivers changed locations, like children moving off to college? Does this change your liability rating? You may also need to extend property and liability insurance to your college-age children.
  • Is your health insurance compliant with the Affordable Care Act?
  • Have you sold any items that may need to be removed from your insurance schedule?

Your agent or carrier will welcome the opportunity to help you grow and make sure your insurance coverage grows with you. You need to make sure everything is covered, and Ramey King is here to help you every step of the way. Wishing you a healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year!