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New Year, new you! Tips for getting outside and exercising

By January 4, 2019Blog

New Year, new you! That’s the going mantra this time of year. While you may or may not partake in New Year’s Resolutions, it’s hard to ignore the desire for a healthier lifestyle. Last year, a staggering 45% of all resolutions were to lose weight or get healthier. This is a great endeavor whether or not you want to lose weight. The easiest way to start a healthier lifestyle is to just get outside! We’ve compiled some tips that utilize the great outdoors as your workout space and hope you find these tips helpful in 2019!

  1. Walk more– Walking just a few more steps a day can really add up. National guidelines recommend brisk walking for half an hour each day as an excellent way to exercise. Walking is especially good for beginners and those returning from an injury seeking to get in shape once more.
  2. Jog or run– Jogging is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and improves your overall heart health and stamina. It is also more effective than walking with weight loss as it burns more calories. Those with joint issues or previous injuries want to be careful: start with a slow jog while slowly increasing the pace over time.
  3. Cycling– Another excellent cardiovascular exercise that has less impact on your knees and joints. Get outside and explore your neighborhood on your bike!
  4. Swimming– Those with joint or muscle issues may want to consider swimming. Swimming is an excellent exercise to take up and has been thought to reduce blood pressure over time.
  5. Hiking– Utilize the trails and parks in our community and explore the outdoors. Hiking is great way to get connected with nature while also getting in an effective workout.

Of course, you never want to start an exercise program without consulting your doctor. We hope these tips are helpful in creating a new you for 2019.