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new year insuranceAs we begin a new year, many of you have put together some New Year’s resolutions. Of course this makes going into a new year fun and helps a person develop some goals. This is also an excellent time to have a New Year Insurance Checklist. Here are few questions to ask yourself that will help put your insurance in order.

Auto Coverage

  1. Are you interested in increasing your automobile liability limits if available? Are your limits high enough?
  1. Are you interested in increasing your uninsured motorist limits? (Uninsured Motorist coverage protects you from accidents with at fault drivers who have insufficient limits of liability or no liability coverage at all.)
  1. Would you like to consider an adjustment to your automobile collision or comprehensive deductibles?
  1. Are all of the cars and licensed drivers in your household listed on your automobile policy?
  1. Are all drivers listed on your auto policy currently residing in your household? (Children no longer living at home need separate policies.)
  1. Are all vehicles on your policy titled to you and garaged at your primary residence?
  1. Do you have vehicles furnished for your regular use that you do not own, such as a company car?
  1. Do any of the vehicles on the policy have custom equipment attached?
  1. Do you own any motorhomes, aircraft, or other vehicles such as golf carts, ATV’s, snowmobiles or watercraft?

Home/Personal Property Coverage

  1. Have you added to, updated, and/or remodeled your home in the past 12 months? (ex: replaced roof, added on, updated wiring, heating, plumbing)
  1. Have you acquired/sold any secondary homes, rental property, land, or other real estate during the past 12 months?
  1. You may have an exposure to damage from a flood which is not covered by your homeowners policy. Would you like more information about flood insurance coverage?
  1. Do you conduct any business from your home?
  1. Do you employ any full or part time help at your home?
  1. Have you acquired or disposed of any jewelry, furs, firearms, cameras, fine arts, musical instruments, or silverware during the past 12 months? *Your policy has limitations in coverage for theft of specified items.
  1. If you don’t own your home, would you want a quote for coverage of your personal property?
  1. Earthquake coverage is not included on the policy. Would you want a quote for this type of coverage?

Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability

  1. Would you be interested in an umbrella or excess policy that extends your automobile and homeowners liability coverage to $1 million or more?
  1. If you already have an umbrella or excess policy, would you like to get a quote to increase the limits of coverage?
  1. Would you be interested in a quote for health insurance or life insurance?

Be sure to contact us as you are assessing your insurance needs.  We can help you evaluate what’s changed this year and make sure you are in great shape for 2017.  We look forward to working with you this year, next year, and beyond!