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Landscape Insurance: What You Should Know

Spring is quickly approaching and with the changing season comes the need for lawn maintenance once more. When it comes to landscaping your lawn, many people choose to hire professionals to assist. But many times, landscapers and other lawn care businesses are exposed to risks that can lead to accidents and financial loss. If you own your own landscaping business, acquiring this specialty commercial insurance can help protect your growing business.

When evaluating your need for landscape insurance, many times, the cost of acquiring such insurance comes to mind. Multiple factors go into calculating your landscaping and lawn care insurance costs, including your coverage needs and exposure risk. As an example, a landscape business that only does mowing and edging will pay a different premium than a landscaping business specializing in hardscapes.

The basics of landscape insurance are outlined below:

  • General Liability: Covers bodily injury, property damage and other liabilities in which your business may be responsible for
  • Commercial Auto: If you use your vehicle to transport work supplies associated with landscaping, you’ll need commercial auto
  • Equipment: This will cover the equipment in the field or at a yard or in service trucks

Other insurance for landscapers:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): It combines general liability and coverage for commercial buildings and personal property into one package
  • Workers Compensation: Protects your employees who become injured or will whilst working
  • Bonds:  Performance, maintenance, payment bid.  This will open up more commercial opportunities

Overall, landscape insurance is a very important component to your business and one that should not be overlooked. Ramey King prides itself on its knowledge of specialized commercial insurance, such as landscape insurance. Call us today to protect your business tomorrow!