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4 Tips for Medical Professionals Insurance

Medical InsuranceHow do you know if you have enough insurance, or too much, or even too little?  This can be a problem in the medical industry.  When you operate a medical business, you have a team who oversees a lot.  All sorts of unique liabilities are going to occur throughout a business year.

Here are a few tips to make sure you to have the right coverage.

  • Focus on all Liabilities

Sit down and come up with a list of all the “worst case scenarios” that could happen within your medical business. Then ask if your current insurance coverage is capable of protecting you against all of these scenarios.

  • Review Your Protection

Look at all the protection that you have and how much you’re paying for it all. Sit down with a Ramey King Insurance agent to see if there are gaps in the coverage.  If so, you need to look at obtaining a higher level of coverage. There are often riders that can be added if you’re not happy with what you currently have in place.  But during the course of the review there may be some coverages that you don’t need which can help to offset or even reduce your premiums.

  • Customize Your Policy

Don’t make the assumption that there is only one form of coverage. Too often, we see unnecessary coverages in a policy because it was purchased from an agency limited to one policy type.  At Ramey King Insurance, we work with over 80 different carriers which will help assure a you have the right kind of policy for your office.

  • Work with an Experienced Agent

Experience counts.  Ramey King Insurance has been protecting Texas businesses since 1881.  Our professionals have insured thousands of medical professionals through the years.  We can explain coverage levels and show you how your policy can be customized.

You can start by asking us for a free insurance review.  If your policy is sufficient to meet your needs and budget, we will let you know.  If not, we can present you with options.  When you’re ready to shop for medical professionals insurance, call us at Ramey King Insurance today.

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