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Insurance for Business Owners: Fire Protection

fire protectionUnderwriters are beginning to order reviews and inspections from third-party companies when it comes to the fire protection plans in place at a business location. Simply owning fire extinguishers is not enough when it comes to making sure a place of business is adequately protected from fire threats.

Fire Extinguishers

Having a working fire extinguisher on site is important. The building owner must make sure that the extinguishers are serviced on an annual basis and adequately tagged. Fire protection companies and area fire departments can conduct annual servicing and tagging for all fire extinguishers within a building.

Extinguishers should also be adequately spaced throughout a structure, with an extinguisher being present on each floor level. An annual report regarding the servicing of all extinguishers should be kept in a safe location by the business owner. This way it serves as documentation of a policyholder’s current fire protection plan.

However, a fire extinguisher is not the only line of  fire defense for business owners.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

Fire detection systems should also be checked out on a regular basis. Smoke detectors need to be present within any commercial building that also accommodate habitational occupants. If smoke detectors are battery operated than the batteries should be switched out at least twice a year. Hardwired smoke detectors need to be inspected regularly in order to make sure the units are always in good working order.

Manual pull alarms and/or automatic fire detection systems are added safety features with a building. These types of systems may also be required depending on the size and occupancies within a commercial structure. It is important to understand and follow the building codes and regulations of ones city and county when it comes to fire protection for a commercial structure.

Business owners that install fire detection systems in their buildings and have service contract plans in place regarding extinguishers show not only a pride in ownership, but also a commitment to safety.

Contact Ramey King Insurance today for more information regarding keeping buildings adequately protected from potential fire risks.

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