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Happy Holidays from Ramey King Insurance: Ideas for Gifts for Your Residents!

By December 25, 2012Blog

At Ramey King Insurance, we want to wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!

As a landlord, you want to make the holidays special for your residents because they consider your building their home. Create a comfortable, warm, and open environment for each tenant by showing them you care. Here are some ideas for gifts you can give your residents:

  • Everyone loves gift cards. These are simple and easy way to show your appreciation for good behavior. You can either give money for a popular store or ask tenants which type of gift card they want.
  • If you have lots tenants, give something that can be ordered and delivered in bulk. This can include fruit baskets, cheese and wine baskets, flower arrangements, popcorn tins, etc. Add a thank-you card too for personalization.
  • Make each resident a home repair kit, which can even include a gift card to Home Depot or other local hardware stores. Add a note that lists the number for your maintenance service.
  • Throw a holiday party for the residents. This helps build a community that works together. Make the food and drinks festive to spread some much needed cheer after a long year.

Managing an apartment building can be hard work. However, staying organized and remembering that your residents are your priority can help you appreciate your business more. In addition, celebrating the holidays with your tenants can create a sense of togetherness, turning neighbors into friends and family.