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Earthquake Insurance? In Texas?

By January 12, 2015Blog, Weather

Until recently earthquakes and likewise insurance for earthquake damage was not something that has been very important to most North Texans. Most Texas coverages do not include any earthquake coverage. It is a coverage that is for the most part not even provided for or asked for in most of our property coverages. However, the recent increase in small earthquakes in the Dallas Fort Worth area has many asking if earthquake insurance is an option.

Hopefully this is something you will never need but it is always better to be prepared. Luckily in North Texas, even the recent earthquakes have not been a major issue or caused major damage. This leads to a very competitive rate for earthquake coverage. For details on this earthquake insurance coverage, contact Ramey King Insurance at 940-382-9691 or visit our office at 510 N. I35E, Denton, TX.

There are some theories on the cause of the increase in quakes floating around, but whatever the reason; there are some steps that a person can take in the event of an earthquake.   Part of any preplanning should be to check with your current or new insurance company to see if this is a peril that can be added to your property coverage. It is a very cost effective addition that will provide piece of mind in the event that your property is damaged.   If there is an earthquake, here are some steps to take in order to be safe.

  1. Remain inside the building
  2. Seek shelter under a heavy piece of furniture or door frame
  3. Move away from windows
  4. Don’t panic or over react
  5. Remain in the safe zone for several minutes after the initial earthquake in case of aftershocks
  6. Use stairways when exiting a building
  7. Expect electricity or power to go out and sprinklers to operate.
  8. After the quake has ended, check on the condition of others and then inspect your property for damage.
  9. If power lines are down, avoid the lines and notify the power company immediately.
  10. If there is damage to your property and you have earthquake insurance, contact your agent to begin the process of filing a claim.

For additional questions about earthquake insurance or other insurance coverage available through Ramey King Insurance contact us at 940-382-9691. Ramey King Insurance has been serving customers throughout Texas since 1881.