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You might be reading the title of this article with slight confusion. Earthquakes? In Texas? While they’re not incredibly common, earthquakes are becoming more and more widespread across our great state. In general, most Texas insurance coverages do not include earthquake coverage, as it’s a coverage that’s not usually provided or asked for in most property coverages. However, due to the uptick in earthquakes locally, many property owners are starting to ask if earthquake insurance is an option.

As with any natural disaster, we sincerely hope it’s a coverage you will never need. However, we do believe being prepared for any event is important. Luckily, earthquake coverage in North Texas comes at a very competitive rate—meaning it’s usually very affordable.

While there are many theories regarding the cause for the increase in earthquakes, there are steps you can take at home to better prepare yourself. We advise that you check with your current or new insurance company to see if this is a peril that can be added to your property coverage. This is a cost-effective addition that will provide peace of mind in the event your property is damaged. And while we hope a “big one” never hits, here are some steps to take in order to be safe in the event of an earthquake:

  1. Remain inside the building
  2. Seek shelter under a heavy piece of furniture or door frame
  3. Move away from windows
  4. Remain calm
  5. Remain in the safe zone for several minutes after the initial earthquake in case there are aftershocks
  6. Expect electricity or power to go out and sprinklers to operate
  7. Use stairways when exiting a building
  8. After the quake has ended, check on the condition of others and inspect your property for damage
  9. If power lines are down, avoid the lines and notify the power company immediately

As always, we’re here to help answer any questions or clear up any confusion regarding earthquake insurance. Contact us at 940-382-9691 for more information! Ramey King Insurance has been serving customers throughout Texas since 1881.