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Decorating Your Apartment Building for Halloween!

By October 30, 2012Blog

When you own real estate, you are faced with many potential liabilities. However, as long as you prepare and protect yourself from these risks, your investment may remain stable well into the future. Just because an unpredictable event could occur doesn’t mean you have to be strict with your tenants. Rather than holding them back, celebrate Halloween with them this year by decorating your apartment building!

Decorating your apartment for Halloween should be a fun and easy task. Don’t stress about it because of rules and regulations. You know the guidelines, so just make sure everyone sticks to them. You can start with your front door by adding a creepy skeleton or other hanging creature for everyone to see, which can be secured with sticky clips. If you have an inner door, make sure it is okay with neighbors to hang something. Perhaps make it family friendly so kids won’t be too scared.

If you have a range of ages in your building, appeal to the older residents by hanging a nice wreath with fall colors. This can include a few touches of Halloween if you would like. Another fun method for decorating your building is with spooky lighting. Halloween lights are available in many unique designs and colors. You can decide to drape them in front of your windows, mantle, or even on your porch.

This Halloween, make your apartment building the most spirited on the block! Whether you own a single rental unit or multiple apartment buildings, it is important that you keep safety in mind as you decorate. At Ramey King Insurance, we hope these tips help you get into the tradition and bring your residents closer as a unit!