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Commercial Coverage: HVAC Technician Insurance

In Texas, this unit is incredibly important to our survival!

Living in Texas, we’re forced to use both heating and cooling…and sometimes both in the same day! That’s why the role of an HVAC Technician is incredibly important to us. But did you know that there’s a special insurance associated with HVAC Technicians? If you didn’t, continue reading below to learn more!

HVAC Technician Insurance can protect your business from common risks on the job that could result in injuries or property damage ending in a financial loss. Costly mishaps can even put your business at risk if you don’t have the appropriate coverage in place.

The basic HVAC insurance coverage looks a little like this:

  • General Liability-Pays for bodily injury and property damage that arises from your business. The basic coverage includes coverage for injury to a third party or damage to the property of a third party.
  • Commercial Auto– If you use your vehicle to travel to and from job sites
  • Equipment Policy– If you carry supplies in your vehicle or equipment used in the field
  • Workers Compensation– Protects the business owner against work injuries to their employees. Also a great benefit for employees
  • Property Coverage– Protects your place of business from damage to your property

All business owners should take the time to evaluate their risk and how their insurance policy works to protect against those risks.

All in all, we appreciate the work our HVAC professionals do to keep our homes running warm or cool. If you’re an HVAC professional or business owner, Ramey King Insurance would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss ways to protect your business today.