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My Child is Being Sued for Cyber What? Am I Covered for That?

By February 13, 2018Blog

Do you have insurance coverage for cyber related issues?

cyber bullying

In the past, all you had to worry about when your kids got in an argument at school was after school detention. The internet and social media has been a great asset to our families and our kids. But if something is posted on social media by a child that is negative, the ramifications could put you in court. It could be considered libel or slander, cyber bullying or an invasion of privacy.  This could result in financial loss due to legal expenses or an actual settlement.

The good news is that you may have coverage for this.  It is considered a personal injury.  This is a coverage endorsement that can be added to most homeowners insurance policies. This endorsement could pay for the legal defense as well as any settlement cost.

But it is not always provided automatically in a homeowner’s policy.  The premium is very minimal.

Most kids don’t have a clue to some of the results of their actions but their parents do.  We urge you to review your homeowner’s policy for this coverage and to check into this option.

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