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A roof can be very expensive. In fact, sometimes it can cost more than a new car. While we might view our rooftops as “out of sight, out of mind”, a damaged roof can get our attention pretty quick. We’ve compiled a list of tips to keeping your roof maintained. After all, the roof is protecting you and all of your belongings inside.

  • Keep Gutters Clean

You should always keep your gutters clear of debris. Ignoring this step can cause water to work its way into your roof, thereby rotting the roofing materials. It’s advised that you schedule a gutter cleaning every fall and spring.

  • Visually Inspect Roof Regularly

Take the time to occasionally walk around your house and visually inspect your roof, especially after a storm has hit. You’ll want to check for missing or damaged shingles, general signs of wear and tear and whether your flashing is solid. It’s also a good idea to check for rodent/pest damage with shredding and rotting being a telltale sign.

  • Remove Leaves & Moss

If you live in a wooded area or have trees hanging near your roof, leaves could accumulate on top. Leaves trap moisture leading to decomposition or weed growth. There are a couple of ways of removing leaves safely, but you’ll want to avoid using a pressure washer.

  • Keep Branches Trimmed

This might seem obvious, but tree maintenance is paramount to protecting your roof. Overgrown tree branches can cause damage to your shingles and can lead to broken limbs landing on your roof. Overgrown branches are also an invitation to rodents looking for access into your home via the roof. It’s advised that you keep a 10-foot clearing between your branches and roof whenever possible.

  • Prevent Ice Dams

This tip is not utilized often in North Texas, but it’s important to be aware of it anyway. Should a snow storm occur, use a roof rake to keep snow off the rooftop. One way to help is to ensure your attic is properly insulated and free of air leaks.

Overall, we hope these tips are helpful and show awareness to the importance of roof maintenance. A few minutes of your time could make a big difference in protecting your roof and saving money in the long run.