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3 Tips for Saving on Commercial Auto Insurance

Saving on auto insuranceBased on the type of business you have, commercial auto insurance might be a requirement. You should focus on getting sufficient coverage at affordable premiums so you don’t break your budget. Saving on premiums and getting adequate coverage is possible. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that you don’t spend too much.

1. Hire Good Drivers

This should go without saying, but if you hire good drivers, it will reduce the number of accidents you get into. You have the ability to run a background check on your employees, even before you offer them a position. If you know they’re going to drive a commercial vehicle, look at their driving history so you know what you’re getting into.

2. Handle Some Repairs on Your Own

Just because you have the coverage doesn’t mean you should always have insurance cover the repairs. If you file too many claims in a year, insurance companies will spend more money. This will take a toll on what they charge you on your premiums. Additionally, too many claims and they may decide to drop your coverage altogether.

Some of the simpler repairs, such as paintless dent repair and cracked windshields, are generally less than the deductible. Cover the repairs on your own so you don’t have to file as many claims.

3. Compare Insurance Rates

Insurance rates vary dramatically. Even though insurance companies use the same factors, they calculate differently. To ensure you’re getting a good auto insurance premium for your company, be sure you get some rates for comparison from three or four companies.

You don’t have to go through the process of obtaining commercial auto insurance on your own. Contact an agent at Ramey King Insurance today.

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