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3 Tips for Comparing Apartment Investors Insurance

Apartment real estate can be a great investment. However, it is an investment that includes risk such as fire, hail, and floods. All the above have the potential to destroy your property and hard-earned investment. That is why you have insurance; to protect the investment over the long term.

Below, we have outlined some simple tips for making sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your investment:

Determine the Coverage You Need

As an apartment investor, you could be buying apartments for long or short term. As such, there are options available to ensure that you have the coverage needed based on what your long-term plans are for that property.

  1. What limits of coverage to obtain?
  2. What deductibles are available and the costs of different options?

Work with an Apartment Insurance Specialist

Ramey King Insurance has over 80 different insurance carriers to choose from.  This is important because there is not a one-size-fits-all brand of insurance, particularly for apartment insurance.  The advantage of working with a company like Ramey King is that we can do the leg work for you and make sure that the proposals for coverage are what you need and not something that doesn’t fit.

Compare Costs

There is a balance that needs to be established between cost and value. While you need to compare costs, you also do not want to forfeit coverage. That is why it is best to let us show you the best policies first. From there, you can compare costs between the different insurance carriers that offer the level of coverage you need.  Making sure that it fits both the budget and provides adequate coverage is top priority when protecting your investment.

For nearly 140 years, Ramey King Insurance has subscribed to a simple philosophy regarding insurance…  “Did we make sure that all of the gates are closed?”  The last thing you ever want to find out is that your insurance coverage failed to cover your property.  Our job is to look at your property and make sure that if a disaster does occur that you will be able to rebuild or repair the property. So that it remains a good investment for you and for your family.